Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Firefox 2.0 has been released

At last, it has been released; actually, it is the renamed RC3 and you may read its many new features from Mozilla website. I've just finished building and configuring something in FF2 on linux platform, saying that I patch and build it to use icu for Thai word breaking and create some graphic works :). I modified an about graphic and about dialog, including credit page with the Japanese Firefox mascot named Foxkeh. It's so adorable so that I have replaced the old "globe" mozilla logo as well as Firefox icon with it. Furthermore, this mascot is licensed under Creative Commons which makes "Foxkeh" can be used under Attribution and Non-commercial conditions. I hope that Mozilla will not sue me when I distribute my icu-thai patched build with Foxkeh logo.





However, savefile.com is down for some times, If somebody can find some hosts to upload, that would be highly appreciated.

Update: Savefile.com is back and I've just uploaded it here. Let's try and have fun! :D

Update2: Sorry for any inconvenience, Savefile.com sometimes down for maintenance but it's back now. Thankfully, there're people who mirrored this build of firefox on other servers so you may find it here and here. Thank Khun Noi and Khun wd.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Back online

Now I successfully switch to ADSL2+ and am back online again. The new one is spectacularly fast so that I may reach data limit (15 GB) so soon. However, it's still slow browsing Thai pages that their servers are in Thailand. I don't know why; may be because of the bottle neck of Thai gateway (port 80) or problem with the ISP proxy itself. Nevertheless, other kinds of data transfer, such as multimedia streaming, are great. I can watch most of Thai free TV via KU website smoothly, except MCOT; it's crappy slow -_-'.

In conclusion, switching to ADSL2+ is very great and cost effective at around 1,500฿/mo (it costs AU$49.95 and includes 500 min free calls from VoIP to capital cities in Aus and a great rate for international call). I wish I will have this in Thailand when I go back.

PS. I built Firefox 2.0 RC2 with Thai icu word breaking and uploaded it here.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Switching to ADSL2+

I'm in the process of switching to ADSL2+. The upsides are that it's lightning fast at 24 Mbps using the old telephone line and it includes 500 minutes call from the VoIP account. The downside is that I have to disconnect and remove the conventional ADSL (at 512kbps) of previous ISP from the line first. Then the new ISP will install the system to the line, which will take around 5 - 8 working days. That means I can't go online unless using the dial-up in that period. I have to live offline for a while.

Nowadays, life without internet would not be easy. Because almost everything has been moved to the internet, including shops, services, banking transaction and many more. Many times, I have to pay bills using internet banking, buy some stuffs as well as do a research on the internet. I used to live with always-on internet and find many things on it but now I can't do as before. Moreover, I use email as my main communication. To be offline means I will be out of touch from others, including jobs, friends and family. Okay, I still have a telephone and a phone card, however, it's not that convenient.

In contrary, life without internet may provide me more time to do things other than usual, for examples, reading books, preparing myself for the coming exam or even exercise. With internet, I would stick to the monitor, surfing the web and do nothing. Hopefully, this will be a chance to alter my lifestyle.

Alright, see you when my line is back.