Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Everything has its own way.

As you may know that there's a coup in Thailand last night by The Administrative Reform Council. They announced the termination of Thai constitution (1997) and role of senators, representatives, the cabinet as well as constitutional court. Unsurprisingly, I expected this will happen some day but it is so soon.

While most of Thai people have low average education, they may not concern about their rights to participate in politics. Many of them have sold their souls to demons, I mean, sold their votes. Some have enjoyed the former government's policies that spoil them and do not encourage people to do things themselves. Lastly, they have been used as an excuse of the prime minister to regain his power. Ultimately, there was no equilibrium in the system and the system will seek its way to regain balance. In other 'developed' countries, where their citizens have higher education and realise their rights, I think this will be ended by people, in the way of democracy. It is, however, hard for Thai people to do like this as they don't even know about themselves; they know nothing. I believe that this may be the most appropriate way to reform Thai politics from the first day we know democracy, until now.

Moreover, if we don't improve ourselves, getting more to know, control and participate in politics, this event will return again and again. Everything has its own way. You'll see.

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