Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unsuccessful candidate (again...)

*SIGH* ~~ *SIGH*

This is my second attempt on AMC Clinical Assessment and I still am an unsuccessful candidate. Oh! man, life is not worth living (just kidding :P). Okay, let's prepare harder for the next time. I'll be depressed for a week and then I'll start over again.



wd said...

"Who tells you that? If after making all my efforts I must die, I will be blameless."
He who acts bravely does not repent. He is discharged with regard to all, gods, parents, and
As much as I can, I will exert myself. I will act bravely striving towards the shores."
Maha Janaka

Anonymous said...

สู้ต่อไปนะ ไอ้มดแดง

Unknown said...

เป็นกำลังใจให้คุณหมอครับ สู้ต่อไปไรเดอร์ สู้ต่อไป ไอ้มดแดง!!!!