Thursday, January 31, 2008

Generate locale in Gutsy

After upgrade my box to Kubuntu Gutsy, I haven't noticed that the th_TH (TIS-620) locale has disappeared. Some old softwares, Lexitron, for example, need this locale to display fonts correctly. So, I have to generate it again.

I think that I used to reconfigure locale via dpkg-reconfigure or some config program that provide the ncurses interface to select and generate locales. However, I have no luck finding this program.

Anyway, after googling around, there is a command that will generate locale as easy as click a button. Okay, I just want to write this entry as my memo, so there's nothing so geeky.

sudo locale-gen th_TH

That's it!

PS. I often forget how to use 'code' tag in my blog, so it is...
<pre class="command">xxx</pre>

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