Friday, April 25, 2008


At last! After a long wait, it's mine...

Actually, at the beginning, it's my Boss's demand from a month or two ago. But now it's my own will to get it. Mariokart for Wii has been release in Australia on 24 April, yes it's yesterday. I had a plan to buy it yesterday, however, couldn't make it to the store.

Today, the ANZAC Day, I'd gone to a department store in the morning (I mean before noon :P) but all stores opened 1pm today (damn it!). However, after that, I went to Chadstone and try to find a cheap one. After I went to JB-Hifi ($79, but will be cheaper when trading in an old game) and Kmart ($77) , I couldn't find one as it's sold out!! (sold out... a day after released). Alright, my last resort was EB Games, nevertheless, while I was on the way, I went into Toys 'R' Us. How lucky I am, there was 2 boxes left, so I got one at AU$75 ^_^ Woo Hoo~~



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